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Making The

Web Great Again.

The dWeb is a decentralized alternative to the World Wide Web, where you are in control of your data and where censorship simply isn't possible. Now it's time for us to come together and build our own alternatives. It's time to let freedom stream. Start Using The dWeb Donate to grow us
dWeb Eagle

Making The

Web Great Again.

dWeb is the "Distributed Web" and you are in charge. It has finally happened. We The People have taken back our freedom and our God-given rights. Our ability to fight back, starts today. Start Browsing Web 3.0 Donate us to grow
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    No more web hosting.

    Websites and web apps on the dWeb do not require web hosting of any kind because they're hosted among peers instead of data centers. This means that they can never be taken offline.

    How Websites Are Distributed ›
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    No more censorship.

    Nobody controls the dWeb and users are always in control of their own data, regardless of the application they're using. The dWeb is also safe from illegal content and activity, thanks to dWeb's Constitution and elected governance.

    Data On The dWeb ›
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    No more hacking.

    Hackers are rendered useless on the dWeb because websites and web apps are distributed, data is immutable and users are in control of their authentication details.

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"I know what it's like to have your life's work abruptly removed from the web, and it's a painful experience. Nobody should be able to destroy another person's work. They destroyed mine, but thanks to the dWeb, my work will live on forever and yours can too. It's time we fight back."

Jared Rice Sr., dWeb Creator
The dWeb Ecosystem

A growing ecosystem.

The largest decentralized ecosystem in the world and it's not even close." to text "The rollout of the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world is underway.
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    dBrowser is the dWeb's first fully-featured web browser and can be used to browse both the World Wide Web and the dWeb, all from a single address bar. dBrowser also features an extensive set of tools for developers seeking to create dWeb experiences.

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    dSocial is the world's first truly decentralized and censorship-resistant social network, where users earn cryptocurrency for their posts and can finally have their voice back.

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    dPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency-based payment processing platform that can be used by dWeb-based apps and brick-and-mortar stores for accepting payments. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to the debit card.

  • Dwallet Logo

    dWallet is highly integrated with dPay, allowing users to manage all of their cryptocurrency holdings and earnings from a single place. It's not a decentralized bank; rather, it's simply better than any bank could ever be.

  • dMemo Logo

    A decentralized and fully encrypted dWeb-based messaging app that is a powerful companion to the dSocial platform. dMessenger enables private and public group-based conversations, where messages are stored among conversation participants.

  • dVideo Logo

    dVideo is a fully-featured, decentralized version of YouTube that pays video curators and commenters alike. Built-in live streaming capabilities and dWeb-based distribution between peers, makes dVideo the future of online video.

  • dSocial Logo

    dRide is the first dWeb-based travel system and is a decentralized and fully-featured alternative to Uber and Lyft. Thanks to its lack of hosting costs, dRide will provide rides at far lower prices than both Uber and Lyfit, with drivers earning more for each ride too.

  • dWiki Logo

    dWiki is a decentralized, community-driven encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia, where authors earn for the content they curate and readers grade content rather than private admins, in order to ensure that content remains as accurate as possible.

  • dSite Logo

    dNews will soon be the first decentralized news source where content cannot be censored and is openly fact-checked by its readers. It's the legacy media's worst nightmare.

  • dStatus Logo

    PeerOS will soon be the world's first decentralized mobile operating system and will allow users to bring dWeb's entire ecosystem with them anywhere they go.

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    dSearch is the dWeb's first search engine and is completely decentralized and serverless. Users will soon be able to search the dWeb for websites, images, news, wiki articles, videos and social posts with ease, and earn for it.

  • dPix Logo

    dPix is the decentralized alternative to Instagram, where users are rewarded with various cryptocurrencies for their pictures. It's a place where users can express their creativity and earn money in the process.

  • dPress Logo

    dPress is a decentralized content management system and dWeb's alternative to WordPress, making it easy for anyone to build dWeb-based websites and blogs.

  • dTunes Logo

    dTunes is a decentralized, dWeb-based music streaming service where artists earn for their creativity and listeners earn for listening. It's the best way to listen to music and a new direction for the entertainment industry.

  • dNames Logo

    Easily register decentralized, dWeb-ready domain names like .dcom, .dnet, .dweb and many others. The best part about dNames is that you own and control the domain name forever.

  • aExchange Logo

    dMesh is the future of the physical internet and is completely decentralized. dMesh will change everything about communications: we're taking back our physical networks.

Don't ever let them scare you into submission.
This is our war to win.
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